The company with the most complete collection of eyelets.

Fepatex Nederland B.V. is a Dutch/Italian owned production company, manufacturing metal eyelets for technical and industrial confection, fashion, and many other textile processing industries. Except eyelets or grommets, we also produce some other metal accessories like rivets, hooks, snap fasteners,…
We are probably the company with the widest collection of eyelets conform to the most common European dimensions and requirements. Fepatex produces more than 200 different kinds of eyelets which is the widest range on a European base. Every country has a preference for a specific eyelet though actually the material and application should define the type of eyelet to use. Our years of experience and know-how will help you make the right choice.

We produce our eyelets in 5 raw materials: brass, iron, stainless steel, aluzinc and aluminium. Eyelets are punched out of metal strips with molds we make ourselves. Two modern and environmentally responsible lines of in house galvanization give us the possibility to produce a wide range of finishes and colours.
All this makes us flexible and dynamic to respond fast to the needs of the customer. Our goal is to deliver good quality at reasonable prices, whether it are big volumes or customized eyelets in smaller quantities.

Industrial Eyelets:
Industrial Eyelets are commonly used in: sailcloths, container tarps, cover tarps, banners, flags, tent fabrics, boat covers, fishnets, sports nets, automobile industry, medical industry, agricultural industry and many other technical confections.
Fepatex has a wide range of strong industrial eyelets dependable on the application and durability.

Self-piercing eyelets:
Self-piercing eyelets are commonly used for small pvc fabrics in the advertising industry. (e.g. banners)
With a simple handpress you can place eyelets without first making a hole.

Banner eyelets:
Banner eyelets, are special made eyelets with a straight shaft to avoid wrinkling of the fabric. This is a logic development to meet the needs of sign-makers who use rather lightweight material. With semi- or full automatic machines it is important to place eyelets in a fast and solid way without too much wrinkling, in order to become the best visual result.

Curtain eyelets:
Curtain eyelets, most of the time have a design character. These decorative, curtain eyelets are used in draperies, curtains, window decoration, theater fabrics, home furnishing, furniture industry as well as sample industry. We can divide the curtain and home decoration industry in two branches.
On one hand ready-made curtains with standard, thin quality eyelets in a limited number of finishes for mass production. On the other hand we have the custom-made curtains with decorative, high quality eyelets available in tons of finishes and colours. Of course the sample industry makes collections of samples of both of these items, and also require curtain eyelets.

Eyelet machines:
Fepatex Nederland has a strong range of machinery starting from simple handpresses to fully automated systems that pursue the highest possible efficiency in finishing products. Except production and sales, we help our clients in improving their production and we support them with our years of experience, know-how and own technical team.

For all produced eyelets, we can supply tools and machinery to place them.
Take a look to the tools and machinery on our website: Link to the eyelet machines