About Fepatex Nederland B.V.

Fepatex Nederland B.V.:
Fepatex Nederland BV was originally founded as a Dutch-Italian partnership to supply eyelets to local markets in Benelux, Germany, Poland and other North-European countries.  We are located in Kaatsheuvel ( Waalwijk ) in Central-South of the Netherlands.
Because of good logistic facilities, Fepatex Nederland currently supplies eyelets to more than 35  countries all over the world. With our international experience, know-how and passion for the business we will always try to give our customers the best performance as possible. Nowadays we have to understand that the world is changing a lot and developments go on faster and faster. This means we need to take care of a good partner network and reliable re-sellers with good sales structures. To our direct customers and big end-users we became very specialized to supply a complete package of eyelets & eyelet machines. 
With our machinery we try to help our customers to reduce high production costs by giving advice or provide customized solutions for placing eyelets. Setting eyelets is a slow link in the production process and not free of risks considering the end product.

Because we produce nearly every existing eyelet, we can make different combinations, with or without machinery, to fulfill the wishes of the customer. Whether we deliver to resellers, wholesalers or big end customers, we try to speak the same clear language. Our production facilities are therefore very flexible, wide and reliable.

We have the whole production process in own management, i.e. punching and galvanizing the eyelets. Also important is our cooperation with a local maintenance company for installation and service of semi-automatic and full automatic machines. We understand the huge problems of stagnation in production, but thanks to our large stock capacity we have the possibility to deliver our eyelets just in time to our customers everywhere in the world.

Global thinking and creating…
Fepatex Nederland B.V.: Eyelets for a diversity of markets and countries In general, we supply our eyelets to wholesaling companies in different branches of the market, domestic or abroad. Industrial companies and very big end-users get delivered directly B2B with a complete pack of eyelets and fully automated machines. In global numbers, we supply 30% to domestic customers, 50% export Europe and 20% export intercontinental. 
Fepatex B.V. aims for a targeted and customer-oriented approach by building on a long-term relationship. Good prices, local stock, fast deliveries and logistics are items with high priority for us. Our power comes from own production facilities, sales, service and international know-how. (More information Markets)

Arteca Nederland B.V.
We would like to draw your attention to our own wholesaler, Arteca Nederland B.V. Arteca Nederland provides eyelets and many other accessories for tarp, banner, boat industry and lots of other technical confection industries. Arteca Nederland is a local wholesaler in cooperation with Arteca Italy and Giovanardi Italy, two prominent players in the markets of accessories, transparent PVC and technical fabrics. Arteca Nederland is located in the same building as Fepatex and has representatives for the Netherlands and Belgium. Please visit the website www.arteca-nederland.nl where you have the ability to look at the product range and download 150 pages of accessories.