Curtain – Furnishing – Home Decoration

Custom-made curtains:
For the custom-made curtain market, Fepatex produces a wide range of quality eyelets. Because of our very large choice in dimensions, colours and shapes, we are almost sure you can find the eyelet of your likes. On request, we also produce eyelets in private styling in rather limited quantities. (link colour card)

Ready-made curtains:
For the ready-made curtain market we have the possibilities to produce large quantities at low prices which allows you to produce big volumes of curtains at competitive prices. If you are not equipped with a fast setting machine, we are happy to help you choose the right machinery.
Often, ready-made curtains are produced in low-cost countries. Thanks to our fine distribution and transport possibilities, we can deliver worldwide without problems. (link raw material)

Sample industry:
Given the cooperation between interior/decoration and sample industry, we also produce different kinds of small metal accessories like staples, corner and end pieces, little eyelets, rivets, snaps,… These items are used by sample companies in collection folders, curtain samples and many other ways of sampling. These metal accessories often give those samples a finishing touch.

Furniture industry:
In both budget and exclusive furniture, eyelets are used. Going from garden chairs to cushions in outdoor furnishing; from low budget furniture with eyelets on the inside, to design eyelets with a decorative function in high-end applications.