Curtain Eyelets

Curtain eyelets are larges eyelets, special made for curtain industry.
Sizes: 25mm / 30mm / 40mm / 50mm / 66mm and Square eyelets.

Our specialty is producing a wide range of Trendy colors and Fancy models.

With our curtain-eyelet collection we do our best to be trendsetters and follow the curtain market with our accessories. More info: Colorcards

To make a complete collection we also offer our customers compatible eyelet machines. More info: Eyelet-Machines

A = Ø Inside   
B = Ø Outside     
C = Length 

Curtain Eyelets
25mm / VL100  (A)25mm x (B)44mm x (C)9mm
30mm / VL130  (A)30mm x (B)50mm x (C)9mm
40mm / VL150  (A)40mm x (B)62mm x (C)11mm
50mm / VL170  (A)50mm x (B)80mm x (C)10mm
66mm / VL200  (A)66mm x (B)94mm x (C)10mm

Fancy Eyelets
40mm / VL150 Logo (Customized)
40mm / VL151 Greca
40mm / VL152 Stelle
40mm / VL153 Circle
40mm / VL154 Spot
40mm / VL155 Octagonal
45mm / VL160 Double Face

Square Eyelets
25mm / Square (A)25mm x (B)45mm x (C)8mm
40mm / Square (A)40mm x (B)60mm x (C)8mm
45mm / Square Double Face (A)45mm x (B)70mm x (C)8mm