DIN Eyelets (DIN10 – DIN40)

DIN-EYELETS are almost straight eyelets, mostly with teeth washers. 
These kind of eyelets are used a lot in Germany & East-European countries.
Very strong industrial eyelets made in different raw materials for all kind of applications. 
Teeth washers provide for extra grip from the eyelets in the fabric. 
Eyelets can be setted with hammertools, handpress or pneumatic eyelet machines. 
Sizes 12mm & 16mm washers are also produced with automatic washer for full-automatic eyelet machines. 

All sizes available in brass / nickel / black / aluzinc & stainless steel.


A = Ø Inside   
B = Ø Outside     
C = Length

DIN10   (A)10mm x (B)20mm x (C)6mm
DIN12   (A)12mm x (B)24mm x (C)7,8
DIN14   (A)14mm x (B)27mm x (C)8,4
DIN16   (A)16mm x (B)30mm x (C)8,8
DIN18   (A)18mm x (B)32mm x (C)8
DIN20   (A)20mm x (B)36mm x (C)7,5

DIN-Eyelets (Full-Automatic)
DIN12 autom.   (A)12 x (B)24mm x (C)7,8
DIN16 autom.   (A)16 x (B)30mm x (C)8,8

Large DIN-Eyelets
DIN25   (A)25 x (B)44mm x (C)9,4
DIN40   (A)39 x (B)62mm x (C)11,3

Oval DIN-Eyelets
Oval eyelets   (A)40mm x (B)10mm x (C)9mm
Oval eyelets   (A)42mm x (B)22mm x (C)11mm