Fashion, clothing & workwear

In the clothing industry, we can differentiate two different branches, on one hand fashion and on the other hand workwear. Both branches require eyelets and snap fasteners, most of the time with a functional but sometimes also with a decorative purpose. Eyelets for hoods, laces, ventilation, jeansbutons or snap fasteners whether or not with company logo/name to enhance corporate identity.

Together with our Italian partner, production company Fepa-Italy, we produced during the years many kinds of eyelets for companies within these markets, among which are several well-known brands. Because of relocation of clothing production outside Europe, big standard production volumes have decreased, but on the other hand, created the space for customised products.

Despite of this relocation, there is still a lot of local activity in the clothing business and the world of fashion keeps on moving. Fepatex provides a number of standard products, but as the world of fashion keeps on changing, we are also able to anticipate different trends and needs.

We can produce rather big quantities in short-time periods that are acceptable for our clients.

  • Little eyelets
  • Jeansbuttons
  • Snap fasteners
  • Decorative staples

Please ask for the possibilities!