Tarpaulin & Cover industry

Fepatex provides a large range of eyelets, machines and other metal accessories to the tarpaulin and cover industry.
Are products are used in:

  • Covers, container tarps
  • Mesh, nets
  • Tent material, canvas
  • Truck and trailer covers
  • Boat covers,...

Curtain – Furnishing – Home Decoration

Custom-made curtains:
For the custom-made curtain market, Fepatex produces a wide range of quality eyelets. Because of our very large choice in dimensions, colours and shapes, we are almost sure you can find the eyelet of your likes. On...

Signmaking & Printing Industry

Fepatex provides different kinds of high quality solutions to the sign industry for example for placing eyelets in a efficient way in banners. All our eyelets our metal and are available in different dimensions and finishes. Most commonly 12 and 16mm are used in:

  • Banner confection...

Technical confection

In fact, technical confection is a very wide concept. This market consists, besides fashion, of all different kinds of heavy and industrial confection. Technical confection includes most of all manipulation of tarpaulins and technical fabrics, used to make covers, tents, army applications, bags...

Shoes & Leather

In shoe and other leather industry, typical small eyelets are used, also called shoe eyelets. Besides a functional property, shoe eyelets can also have a design aspect and can be used for decorative purposes.

Applications in which shoe eyelets are used:

  • Shoes
  • ...

Fashion, clothing & workwear

In the clothing industry, we can differentiate two different branches, on one hand fashion and on the other hand workwear. Both branches require eyelets and snap fasteners, most of the time with a functional but sometimes also with a decorative purpose. Eyelets for hoods, laces, ventilation,...

Other Markets

Following markets in which our eyelets (grommets) are being used:
Stationary and Graphic Industry
Indoor and Outdoor
Packing Industry
Mattress Industry
Design and Decoration Industry...