NL-Eyelets (23B/AR - 31B/AR)

NL-EYELETS are conic eyelets with hemmed washers ( AR washers ). These kind of eyelets are used a lot in Benelux countries. High quality industrial eyelets, mostly made of pure brass, for technical applications. Eyelets can be settled with hammertools, handpress or pneumatic eyelet machines.
Some sizes are also produced with automatic washer ( VA washers ) for full-automatic eyelet machines.

A = Ø Inside    
B = 
Ø Outside      
C = Length 

NL-Eyelets (AR Washers)
23B/AR  (A)9mm x (B)16mm x (C)6,5mm  
24B/AR  (A)10mm x (B)17,5mm x (C)6mm
25B/AR  (A)10,5mm x (B)20mm x (C)7,5mm
28B/AR  (A)13mm x (B)24mm x (C)9mm
29B/AR  (A)14,5mm x (B)25,5mm x (C)10mm 
30B/AR  (A)16,5mm x (B)28mm x (C)10mm 
31B/AR  (A)19,5mm x (B)31,7mm x (C)10mm 
Available in brass / nickel / black

Full-Automatic Eyelets (VA Washers)
25B/VA  (A)10,5mm x (B)20mm x (C)7,5mm 
28B/VA  (A)13mm x (B)24mm x (C)9mm 
30B/VA  (A)16,5mm x (B)28mm x (C)10mm 
Available in brass / nickel / black /  aluzinc / stainless steel

Large Eyelets (Washers with Teeth)
Eyelets 25mm (A)25mm x (B)44mm x (C)9mm
Eyelets 40mm (A)40mm x (B)76mm x (C)10mm
Available in All Colors see the colorcards GO THERE>>