Oval Eyelets & Tourniquets

The technical function of oval eyelets is to fasten tapes, metal bridges, twist locks, to use as a locker or to connect two different fabrics together. Smaller oval eyelets are many time just used as fashion & design in bags, belts, motor goods etc.

Generally there are 3 collections of oval eyelets:
- Oval eyelets for Tourniquets.
- Large oval eyelets used in (TIR) truck-covers, trailers, tarpaulin and sailboats.
- Small oval eyelets used in leather goods, stationary & graphical products. 

Inside dimensions:   
Small Tourniquet             1-H & 2-H
Large Tourniquet             1-H & 2-H
Small Tourniquet eyelets  17mm x 11mm
Large Tourniquet eyelets  22,5mm x 13,5mm

Oval Eyelet 213               22,5mm x 13,5mm
Jeep Eyelet Rectangular    37mm x  8mm
Oval Eyelet TIR 40x10       40mm x 10mm
Oval Eyelet TIR 40x20       40mm x 20mm
Oval Eyelet TIR 42x22       42mm x 22mm

Oval No.72    18mm x 4mm
Oval No.76     22mm x 4mm
Oval No.77     25mm x 6mm
Oval No.79     32mm x 5mm