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NL-Eyelets (23B/AR - 31B/AR)

NL-EYELETS are conic eyelets with hemmed washers ( AR washers ). These kind of eyelets are used a lot in Benelux countries. High quality industrial eyelets, mostly made of pure brass, for technical applications. Eyelets can be settled with hammertools, handpress or pneumatic eyelet machines.

DIN Eyelets (DIN10 – DIN40)

DIN-EYELETS are almost straight eyelets, mostly with teeth washers. 
These kind of eyelets are used a lot in Germany & East-European countries.
Very strong industrial eyelets made in different raw materials for all kind of applications. 
Teeth washers provide for extra grip

B Eyelets (1B – 10B)

B-EYELETS are typical German eyelets.
Standard available in brass & brass nickel plated.
These eyelets are used a lot for technical confection,
sailmaking industry and other industrial applications.

Available in packages 500 pcs.
B-eyelets are

VL Eyelets (VL21 - VL80)

VL-EYELETS are Italian eyelets, available in all sizes, all materials and also different height. Very typical is a straight shank, what is almost a must for hard materials like leather or for textiles which fold easily. In the application the diameter from the hole and eyelets is almost similar

Curtain Eyelets

Curtain eyelets are larges eyelets, special made for curtain industry.
Sizes: 25mm / 30mm / 40mm / 50mm / 66mm and Square eyelets.

Our specialty is producing a wide range of Trendy colors and Fancy models.

With our curtain-eyelet collection we do our best to be

Self-Piercing Eyelets

Self-piercing are eyelets for sign & printing industry , normally placed with a small handpress. These eyelets are self-cutting, what means that the eyelets are sharp enough to cut PVC fabric or other stiff fabrics. In one operation you push the eyelet through the fabric without making a

Small eyelets & Stationery eyelets

Small eyelets are used in many different products.
Shoes, belts, bags & fashion industry, but also in industrial applications like packing industry.

For stationery, sampling & graphical industry you find also a lot of small eyelets in this niche market.
We have a small

Oval Eyelets & Tourniquets

The technical function of oval eyelets is to fasten tapes, metal bridges, twist locks, to use as a locker or to connect two different fabrics together. Smaller oval eyelets are many time just used as fashion & design in bags, belts, motor goods etc.

Generally there are 3 collections


OB-EYELETS are a small collection of eyelets, typical for French & French speaking countries.
Available in 4 standard sizes and 3 sizes with full-automatic washers.
Standard production is made in brass and brass nickel. For the army activities black is also required.  

Other eyelets

Accept our core business in different markets and countries we can produce customized eyelets.
In many applications in the world you find eyelets, all with own function, properties, designs or technical needs. We are be able to follow a lot of different requirements from our (future)

Hammer tools

Hammer tools - Hammer punch / Hammer die

Technical Data:
Hammer punch (CUTTING TOOL)
Available 1 mm - 66 mm

Hammer die (SETTING TOOL)
Available 4 mm - 66 mm
For the complete collection

Manual handpress

Handpress machine NO.4

Technical Data:
Light model hand-spindle press
Setting eyelets 4 mm till max. 15 mm

Setting small metal accessories:

  • Double rivets
  • Automatic rivets

Handpress machine NO.7 ( MEDIUM PRESS )

Technical Data:
Large handpress for setting eyelets 4 mm till max. 40 mm

  • Piercing & setting eyelets in two seperate operations
  • Piercing holes with bullet punch in all sizes up to max. 40 mm
  • Setting tools

Handpress NO.8 ( HEAVY PRESS )

Technical Data:
Heavy and strong handpress machine for setting large eyelets
25 mm - 40 mm - 66 mm. Press force 1 ton per cm2


  • Piercing & setting eyelets in two seperate

Handpress machine NO.12

Technical Data:
Handpress for self-piercing eyelets

Setting eyelets in 1 operation with self-piercing tools

  • Eyelets: SP 8 - SP 10 - SP 12
  • Material: Iron

Handpress machine NO.14 (Comfort press)

Technical Data:
Handpress for self-piercing eyelets

Setting eyelets in 1 operation with self-piercing tools

  • Eyelets: # 1 - # 2 - # 3 - # 5,5
  • Material:

Pneumatic / Semi automatic

Pneumatic Machine NO.42 (EASY PRESS)

Pneumatic machine NO.42 ( EASY PRESS )
Light model pneumatic machine for metal eyelets 10 mm or 12 mm.

Standard: Manual-operated
On request: Feet-

Pneumatic Machine NO.21 (SEMI-AUTOMATIC)

Pneumatic machine NO.21 ( SEMI-AUTOMATIC )

Fast and compact pneumatic machine for metal eyelets
10 mm till max. 16 mm

Standard: Feet-operated
On request

Pneumatic machine NO.25 (SEMI-AUTOMATIC HEAVY)

Pneumatic machine NO.25 ( SEMI-AUTOMATIC )
Professional eyelet machine for eyelets max. 40 mm

Standard: Feet-operated
On request: Manual-operated or

Full automatic

Full-automatic eyelet machine NO.269

Full automatic machine NO.269 ( ON TABLE )
Full automatic eyelet machine for metal eyelets 10 mm or 12 mm

Standard: Feet-operated
On request: Laser

Full-automatic eyelet machine NO.279

Technical Data:
Pneumatic Full-automatic machine

  • Automatic feeding eyelets and washers
  • Strong, powerfull and reliable machine
  • Metal eyelets 10 mm till max. 20 mm
  • Capacity aprox. 800 - 1000 eyelets

Full-automatic eyelet machine NO.239

Technical Data:
Electric Full-automatic eyelet machine

  • Automatic feeding eyelets and washers
  • Fast, strong, reliable and high attaching machine
  • Metal eyelets 10 mm till max. 18 mm
  • Capacity aprox. 1800

Hydraulic eyelet machine HT-10 / HT-200

Technical Data:
Hydraulic eyelet machine ( Semi - automatic )

  • Piercing and setting eyelets in one operations
  • Available tools for eyelets 10 mm till max. 40 mm
  • Super strong and powerfull semi-automatic machine

Full-automatic machine for TIR 40 mm eyelets

Single feeding eyelets 40 mm setting eyelets only

Weight: V10-E: 200 kg

Metal Accessories (press buttons, rivets and hooks)

Automatic Rivets

We produce automatic rivets ( single rivets ) in iron and in brass material.

Generally there are two kind of automatic rivets. Standard rivets used in stationary products, graphical products and decoration in women clothing, boots or bags. Available in different sizes, models and...

Double Rivets

DOUBLE RIVETS are produced in seven sizes, T30/T32/T33/T34/T35/T36/T37. Double rivets are 2-part rivets to fasten textiles, paper or other materials together. Diameter head and the length are important for perfect setting. Double rivets are used a lot in stationary industry and in medical...

Press Buttons

PRESS BUTTONS are used in many kind of products. Generally there are two systems.

Ring-feder system are heavy press-button for technical products for boats, leather goods etc. Heavy press buttons have a high closing force, mostly with a 15mm cap , available in standard colors. 

Tube Eyelets (OU-Eyelets)

TUBE –EYELETS are special product, mostly customized products.  This is a kind of “eyelet” made from tube or pipes.  This tubes works and looks the same as an eyelet. The way of setting tube eyelets is also the same as the way of setting normal eyelets.  The material from the tubes are  copper,...

Raw Materials

Eyelets can be manufactured out of 5 different kinds of raw materials. The raw material is the base material to stamp the eyelets. Depending the end product, kind of application, customers wishes, markets or prices were th e eyelets are being used, the choice of base material can be made. After...

Standard Colors

In Fepa owned galvanic company there are two different production lines of galvanic colors. One production line  to galvanize all Nickel colors, the other production line to galvanize dark colors like black and antique colors. Comparing to many galvanic companies we galvanize on a...

RAL Colors

RAL-colors can be painted on brass, iron or aluminium eyelets.

Eyelets are top-painted and washers are bottom painted.

The colors on our RAL color card are being made regularly and can be ordered by 100 pcs per color.  
Other RAL colors or special...

Trend Colors

Almost continuously we follow the latest trends in curtain market. Except the fact that curtain-eyelets have a functional purpose we believe that eyelets, like any accessories, give the finishing touch to curtains.

We are specialized developing new designs, trendy colors or other...


We have two kind of plastic accessories, made for our eyelets.

Plastic inserts:
An inner glide ring to snap inside the eyelets to ensure smooth, noiseless draw without scratching the drapery rod.
These plastic inserts are...