Self-Piercing Eyelets

Self-piercing are eyelets for sign & printing industry , normally placed with a small handpress. These eyelets are self-cutting, what means that the eyelets are sharp enough to cut PVC fabric or other stiff fabrics. In one operation you push the eyelet through the fabric without making a hole before. Professional setting it is the machine-tool what makes a hole in the fabric and the setting the eyelets happens at the same moment or in a second operation, depending the kind of machine.

We produce two collections of self-piercing eyelets, SP-Eyelets & Banner-eyelets. SP-eyelets are available in 3 sizes in combination with 
Handpress NO.12 or Handpress NO.7 SP-eyelets are also available with automatic washers for professional setting with pneumatic or full-automatic eyelet machine. Banner eyelets is a smaller collection, special made for signmakers. This eyelets are for Handpress NO.14 or in combination with Eyelet-Machine NO.42



A = Ø Inside   
B = Ø Outside     
C = Length

SP-8    (A)8,0mm x (B)13mm x (C)3.5mm
SP-10  (A)10mm x (B)17mm x (C)4.0mm
SP-12  (A)12mm x (B)22mm x (C)4,5mm

No.1    (A)8,0
No.2    (A)9,4
No.3    (A)11,6
No.5.5 (A)18,2