Signmaking & Printing Industry

Fepatex provides different kinds of high quality solutions to the sign industry for example for placing eyelets in a efficient way in banners. All our eyelets our metal and are available in different dimensions and finishes. Most commonly 12 and 16mm are used in:

  • Banner confection
  • Print industry
  • Marketing world
  • Graphical industry

Self-piercing eyelets:
Self-piercing eyelets can be placed in pvc material without making a hole first.
We produce 2 series of self-piercing eyelets for manual setting tools.

  • SP Eyelets:  available in iron nickel and used as budget solutions for indoor or short-term outdoor use.
  • Banner Eyelets:  No. #1 to No.#5.5 are used as high quality eyelets and are made of brass to prevent oxidation.

Full-automatic eyelets:
To reduce production time of banners, you can choose for a professional placing machine. The machine cuts the hole and places the eyelet in 1 move.
In the banner industry it is important not to have wrinkles around the eyelet. Fepatex introduced a special banner eyelet into the sign market with a dead straight shaft that prevents the banner from wrinkling. Well-adjusted machinery together with the correct eyelet give the best optical result and the high processing speed to fabricate big volumes.

Thanks to our experience and our own technical service, we can provide you with the best support needed.
For a short impression, please check out our machinery on the website. (link machinery)

Apart of Fepatex Nederland we would like to inform you about our own local wholesaling company, Arteca Nederland B.V.
Arteca Nederland is a Dutch/Italian company,  wholesaling  all kinds of accessories and equipment to tarp manufacturing, sign making, maritime applications, sun protection and other technical confection. 

Conclusion: Only 1 address for all your sign accessories!
(Link to the website of Arteca Nederland B.V.)