Small eyelets & Stationery eyelets

Small eyelets are used in many different products.
Shoes, belts, bags & fashion industry, but also in industrial applications like packing industry.

For stationery, sampling & graphical industry you find also a lot of small eyelets in this niche market.
We have a small collection of eyelets for this special market like finger-eyelets in ordners, extra long eyelets for sampling-books or small paper eyelets.

We sell also some other small accessories for this market like double rivets, automatic rivets, hooks and press buttons. This same products you can in shoe, belt & fashion business.

A = Ø Inside   
B = Ø Outside     
C = Length 

Small Eyelets
Eyelet No 100   (A)4,5mm x (B)7,5mm x (C)4,5mm
Eyelet No 120   (A)5,0mm x (B)9,0mm x C)5,0mm
Eyelet No 130   (A)5,5mm x (B)9,5mm x (C)5,0mm
Eyelet No 140   (A)6,7mm x (B)11,5mm x (C)5,0mm

Stationery Eyelets
Extra long eyelets:
75/75    (A)6mm x (B)11mm x (C)7,5mm
75/90    (A)6mm x (B)11mm x (C)9,5mm
VL-40 7/8   (A)10mm x (B)18,5mm x (C)9,0mm
VL-50 ¾   (A)12mm x (B)22mm x (C)10mm

Paper eyelets:
Eyelet 010   (A)7,3mm x (B)10,0mm x (C)3,5mm
Eyelet 012   (A)7,5mm x (B)11.3mm x (C)3,8mm

Ordner eyelets:
Finger eyelet 503   (A)22mm x (B)30mm x (C)4mm