Standard Colors

In Fepa owned galvanic company there are two different production lines of galvanic colors. One production line  to galvanize all Nickel colors, the other production line to galvanize dark colors like black and antique colors. Comparing to many galvanic companies we galvanize on a environmentally-friendly way.  The philosophy from metalgalvano is to plate eyelets with a good and stable quality without any pollution to man or earth. With very expensive cleaning and filtering systems the eyelets are produced on an ecologically responsible process. ( see company movie )

Brass or Iron eyelets are galvanized in 12 standard colors from this color card. Except this standard collection of galvanic colors we have a wider range of colors available. Customized colors can be made on request.

Metal eyelets made from Stainless steel, Aluzinc and Aluminium cannot be plate in galvanic colors. These raw materials are possible to painted in colors or finished with other treatments.

Industrial eyelets are normally made from brass and available in three standard colors:
Brass Clean - Brass Nickel - Brass Black.

Industrial eyelets are also standard available in two other raw materials:
Stainless Steel and Iron Zinc plated.   

Other colors or iron plated available on request.                         

Curtain eyelets are made from brass material in sizes 25mm - 30mm - 40mm - 50mm - 66mm.       
All this sizes are available in the 12 colors from our standard color card.                                              

Curtain eyelets made from iron are available in 25mm and 40mm in same 12 standard colors.             
Unless galvanizing iron eyelets gives some protection again rust we do not advice or give any kind of guarantee against oxyde or rust on eyelets made from iron.

We are specialized making eyelets in other colors, designs or special treatments.                              
On the Trend color cards we show special designed curtain eyelets.                 

Original colors may seem different on screen than in reality