Technical confection

In fact, technical confection is a very wide concept. This market consists, besides fashion, of all different kinds of heavy and industrial confection. Technical confection includes most of all manipulation of tarpaulins and technical fabrics, used to make covers, tents, army applications, bags, naval applications, agricultural confection,… Besides standard confection  like cutting, sewing and welding, placing eyelets in the product is a very precise and time consuming matter. At Fepatex, you are at the right address for all kinds of eyelets and machinery that let you give your product the correct finish.
Fepatex has their own production facilities, galvanization and technical support team for the machinery.

Fepatex produces almost all kinds of eyelets, compatible with most common European machines. (link Eyelets)
Most used materials are: Brass, stainless steel, iron and aluminium. Besides standard galvanization (e.g. nickel, black oxide), a wide range of colours and finishes is possible.

Eyelet machines:
Eyelets can be set in, in many ways, going from manual over semi-automatic to full-automatic. Our own technical service team adjusts machines to the client’s wish and needs. Depending on the application, we are happy to help you choose between pneumatic, electric or hydraulic machinery. (link machinery)

Other metal accessories:
Apart of eyelets, we produce a number of other metal accessories that might interest you.
E.g.: automatic rivets, double cap rivets, snap fasteners,…

Extra accessories for technical confection:
For many different kinds of accessories and textile products, we advise you to take a look at our sister company’s website.
Arteca Nederland is a Dutch/Italian company,  wholesaling  all kinds of accessories and equipment to tarp manufacturing, sign making, maritime applications, sun protection and other technical confection. Link to the website of Arteca Nederland B.V.