Trend Colors

Almost continuously we follow the latest trends in curtain market. Except the fact that curtain-eyelets have a functional purpose we believe that eyelets, like any accessories, give the finishing touch to curtains.

We are specialized developing new designs, trendy colors or other possibilities. With new colors and special treatments we aim to be trend setting in the curtain market. As well we try match our eyelets with current trends from curtain poles or we react on trends from textile manufacturers.

We develop all kind of special eyelets for high, middle and low segment of the end-users market. With simple techniques for reasonable prices you can upgrade the curtains with curious eyelets. Other treatments are very expensive, made hand by hand, for a higher level of the market. Maybe the best answer is that we like our products and like to reach and satisfy the final customers with a wide collection of eyelets for every market, season, culture or country. We like to create new developments from technical or efficiency aspects for our customers , the curtain makers. At the other side we design extra window decoration catch and satisfy the final market with our products. Nowadays we also need also to develop aspects for ecological issues.

In the trend color-card you find back some of these techniques and special treatments like powder coatings, specials paintings, nature colors, printed eyelets, laser cutting and metallic eyelets.

Metallic eyelets, laser effects and nature colors match very good with metallic curtain poles or brown and natural textiles. Glitter eyelets and Strass eyelets are made hand by hand. These glamorous eyelets match perfectly with some collections of curtain poles. As well nice to upgrade plain textiles with luxurious eyelets.

Very curious are the Print eyelets, these are eyelets made with sublimation technique. Sublimation is a very simple and easy solution to customize your own eyelets for smaller quantities. In fact any kind of personalized prints are possible.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for information or customized request. Because of fashion some colors from our Trend color cards will change frequently. Latest updated version can be downloaded on this website. 

Original colors may seem different on print than in reality!