VL Eyelets (VL21 - VL80)

VL-EYELETS are Italian eyelets, available in all sizes, all materials and also different height. Very typical is a straight shank, what is almost a must for hard materials like leather or for textiles which fold easily. In the application the diameter from the hole and eyelets is almost similar. VL-eyelets are very suitable for applications with thicker materials (leather) or very thin textiles and graphical applications, paper etc., cause VL-eyelets are available in 3 different height in all sizes.

These eyelets are very suitable fashion, can be customized with logo or prints because of his flat collar. 
All VL-eyelets are available with standard washers or automatic washers.

Because of his shape, these eyelets can be made in aluminium, what is recyclable and very important as ecological aspect. Another ecological aspect nowadays is that some markets require nickel eyelets to be in nickel-free because of allergy or as a environment aspect.

Because of our own galvanic we are be able to plate all VL-eyelets in nickel-free 

A = Ø Inside   
B = Ø Outside     
C = Length 

VL Eyelets
VL21       8mm x 12.8mm x 6.5mm
VL21 1/3  8mm x 12.8mm x 3.5mm ( short )

VL31        9mm x 15mm x 6.5mm
VL31  1/3  9mm x 15mm x 4.5mm ( short )

VL40       10mm x 18.5mm x 5.5mm
VL40 3/4  10mm x 18.5mm x 7mm ( long )
VL40 7/8  10mm x 18.5mm x 9mm ( extra long )

VL50       12,5mm x 22mm x 6.5mm
VL50 1/3  12,5mm x 22mm x 4.5mm ( short )
VL50 3/4  12,5mm x 22mm x 10mm ( long )

VL60       14,5mm x 24mm x 6.5mm
VL60 1/3  14,5mm x 24mm x 4.5mm ( short )

VL70        15,5mm x 30mm x 7mm
VL80        20mm x 34mm x 7.5mm

Same sizes also available in flat eyelets / VL-Deco eyelets:
TP31  = 9mm
TP40  = 10mm
TP50  = 12,5mm
TP60  = 14,5mm
TP70  = 15,5mm
TP80  = 20mm